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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Detroit auto show Ford Focus a Winner!

2011 Ford Focus, More of a good car,
Not much change

When you have a good thing why fix it? Sometimes the more you fix it the worse it gets. Ford has a winner with it’s Ford Focus. While the Focus name is applied to a variety of platforms world wide, the vehicle America has associated with the Focus remains mostly the same for 2010.

The big change is in the powerplant and transmission. The Focus will have a new 2.0 litre four cylinder engine. The transmission will be a computer shifted dual-clutch manual six speed. When placed together with the transmission, Ford says the Focus will have 20% more horse power than the current models, a very good idea, yet the transmission will provide 9% better fuel economy!

By leaving everything else mostly the same, Ford will save a mint in new engineering fees. The US version and international models will share 80% of the parts, which will help keep the costs down on this practical car. The major differences in European and other cars will be government requirements for bumpers, headlights and the like.

The U.S. version of the Focus will be in a variety of styles. There will be the Focus five-door hatchback, popular for moms hauling groceries. There will also be the four door sedan, which has been a popular body style. In the future Ford plans a wagon syle for the Focus, which will drive sales as high as two million units in 2011.

The Ford Focus is a good buy for those who want economy and dependability. It is not such a small car you have to go on a diet to fit into it. Yet, it offers good fuel economy, available parts and service, and of course, the Ford name!

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